Early Spring or is Mother Nature Just Messing With Us?

The Spring like weather this week has been unusual, to say the least. Temperatures in the 60’s to near 70, sunshine, a foot of snow melted away and robins were spotted. Trust me, I’m not complaining at all about this brief warm up, as we’re¬†supposed to be in the 30’s and get lake affect snow again on Sunday and Monday ūüôĀ Anyway, this bit of faux Spring has me wanting to get my hands dirty in the garden, but I am fighting the urge and refraining from planting the peas this early like I did last year. They finally grew, but getting a couple feet of snow in early April didn’t help.

Instead, and to get my garden fix, I got¬†the lights up on the seed starting table, all my supplies organized and I’m ready to start the early seeds next week. Those would be cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower, and the slow to start parsley, sage and thyme. I will be posting a page about starting vegetable seeds this weekend, complete with my¬†own personal seed starting chart, to give everyone¬†the information they will need to try it if they never have and aren’t sure how.

My goal here is to post a page to the website every weekend that corresponds to real time gardening in zone 5. This is what you can do now, get ready to do this, etc. In addition to the pages, I will keep up with the blog, filling you in on what my garden is doing and answering any questions you may have about vegetable gardening.

So, now is the time to get yourself set up to start seeds indoors. Always check for your own average last frost date in your area to use as a guideline. Remember, these are average dates. Mine is April 28th, but again, it’s an average date. Could be done with frost by April 15th, or¬†could still have frost by May 15th. A lot of people wait until Memorial Day to plant, just to play it safe. I like to push the boundary and then I usually go into panic mode later when frost looms.

Mother Nature is the one who actually determines when we should¬†put stuff outside and she has been known to be a bit fickle at times. A major snow storm on Mother’s Day comes to mind… So, check¬†the suggested planting dates of each crop, but, pay attention to your¬†local weather person and long range forecasts. Be prepared to bring plants inside or have sheets ready to cover them up in the event that he¬†or she says “There is a possibility of frost tonight“.

Until later, Heather

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