Gift Shopping for Gardeners and Preservers.

We all have those people on our gift list that we have no clue what to give them. Sometimes they will ask for something specific, but a lot of the time we’re left to figure it out on our own. This can be quite a challenge if you aren’t familiar with their interests. If you have a gardener on your list this year, or someone who enjoys canning or dehydrating, I can help you on your quest for the perfect gifts! Why take my advice? Because I’m an organic gardener and I preserve what I grow, too!

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A Gift or two for the Gardener on your list.


 Garden hand tool set.  

Small hand tools are always needed, and these shiny new toys are always great to get. (Always avoid the really cheap bargain ones as they are known to bend and break easily.) This set that’s available through Amazon has ergonomic handles, they’re made of cast aluminum so they won’t rust, includes a lifetime guarantee, and the set is under $20.

Also consider other garden tools such as new clippers, rain gauges or weather stations, or Sloggers boots.



Seeding Square. The Seeding Square is a fun and efficient time saver in any garden. Whether they are gardening by the square foot method or rows it really is a big help. It’s great to use if you are gardening with kids! I absolutely LOVE mine! Free shipping!




Garden tote and seat.Folding Garden Seat with detachable tool tote holds up to 350 pounds! Gift your gardener a comfortable place to sit and a tote for the tools, seeds and more. Heavy duty metal frame and canvas with a lifetime warranty. Under $35.

Then there is also the totally-unique-no-one-else-would-buy-these glovesThey may also deter zombies.






Botanical Interests link to website.Seeds are one item (or many items!) that every gardener needs every year! I discovered Botanical Interests this year and had great results. Their seed is untreated, non-GMO, and they offer a huge selection of heirloom and organic seed. The packaging is beautiful and more informative than any other packets I have ever seen! Of course seed choices should be left up to the gardener, so a Gift Certificate would be the perfect solution! You can request a catalog for them, too, which will arrive before Christmas!


Plow and Hearth link.From functional garden items to whimsical garden art and more, Plow and Hearth has it all. Good quality and a broad range of prices. Lots of items made in the USA, exclusive items and great customer service! Check out their Deal of the Week, too. Bonus: Nobody ever said you can’t buy a gift for yourself while you’re shopping…




Gifts for those that do canning and dehydrating.

(or want to start!)


Canning equipment link. From a 4-piece tool set to canning jars and spice blends to preserving books you can find a plethora of gift ideas. They also have canning kettles and appliances. I trust the quality and value of the Ball brand. A broad range of prices to help with your budget and everything they need for canning from a well known company that was started in 1884 in Buffalo, NY!





Electric canner. The canning kettle has evolved! Fresh Preserving (Ball) has an electric water bath canner! This will process up to 7 quart jars at a time. They can use it next to the sink so there is no need to move a large pot of boiling water. The giftee can just set it up there and open the spout when done and drain it into the sink. They can use it anywhere there’s an outlet, so they can use it in the basement, back porch or garage if it’s just too hot out to heat up the kitchen any more. This is a great solution to those not wanting to can on a glass top stove.  And it can be used to heat and serve hot chocolate, mulled cider or wine for holiday parties! Yum.


Excalibur dehydrator link.Dehydrators come in all sizes and price ranges and Amazon has a ton. If you really like the person you are gifting to, an Excalibur is the one to get! 9 sturdy trays offer 15 square feet of drying space! After using mine for the season, it proved to be a great investment, although I should have also purchased the Paraflexx sheets to make fruit leathers. Dehydrates everything from delicate herbs to beef jerky. Some models have timers, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the price difference.


Foodsaver vacuum sealer link.Vacuum sealers are a must have for long term freezer storage and for removing air from jars of dehydrated foods. I use my Foodsaver vacuum sealer for everything I freeze. I am still using frozen foods (meat, veggies and prepared meals) from last year with no freezer burn, loss of flavor or texture. Whichever model you may decide to gift, get one with a “pulse” button for delicate or moist foods. Bags and accessories go on sale BOGO quite often to keep the costs down. Be sure to get the regular and wide mouth jar sealing attachments for dry food storage in canning jars! I use them for all my dehydrated herbs, fruits and veggies.


Well, I hope that helped you a bit. There are more items that I can recommend, but this was getting a bit long. Ah, another gift guide in the near future… If you have any questions about these products, please feel free to ask me. I don’t bite, really I don’t.

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