Square Foot Gardening with the Seeding Square

No more strings in my raised beds!

My new Seeding Square arrived! I don’t know about you, but having a much anticipated package delivered on a crappy rainy day just changes everything. The corn needed to be replanted due to foraging squirrels, so this arrived at the perfect time. Hoping it would be simple and easy to use, I set up the camera and started shooting “the replanting of the corn”


Oh yeah, I likey! I thought marking out my square foot grid with string was easier than building a wood framework, but this just eliminated the whole grid set up entirely. Press the Seeding Square into the soil and it perfectly marks the grids as you plant. The color coded chart and Square make it easy to know how many plants per square foot and where to plant the seeds. It was faster to plant, and so simple I think a young child could use it. The strings that are currently marking my raised bed grids are definitely coming down.

Oh, and after I finished the video I noticed that in addition to having marks for seed depth, there is a little seed scoop built into the other end of that little hole maker! That and the funnel will definitely help when I plant the tiny carrot and lettuce seeds. The zipper bag it came in is a nice bonus. You can slide the planting chart into it to keep it clean and dry while planting, and then store everything together when you are done. I hate losing parts, don’t you? I highly recommend the Seeding Square for planting, and I think this may be on my gift list for a couple gardeners I know…

Charlie update.

You may have read my post about Charlie, the neighborhood woodchuck that has terrorized my garden for the past few years. Well, it turns out that my nemesis Charlie is in fact…Charlene. Yes, Charlene had a litter and they are the ones getting through my fortress. Yesterday I went out to pick peas, replant my corn and sunflower seeds that were dug up and eaten and replant the heirloom squash and pole beans that were devoured…again.

As Chelsea (the dog) and I went out the back door, her attention was immediately drawn to the basement window well. I walked over to see what had her so interested and there was one of the little devils staring up at me. About the size of a really fat squirrel without the tail, it ran straight through my dog’s legs and to the fence. I thought he/she was going to be trapped, but it was able to quickly and easily squeeze through one of the 2 inch wide spaces in the wire fence. Evidently the fur made its butt look bigger than it was. Last night I went to Walmart and bought enough 1 inch opening x 2 foot tall chicken wire to add to the bottom of all my fencing…

Anybody want a pet woodchuck or two?


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