Planting a Salad Garden by the Square Foot

Why plant a salad garden? Planting a salad garden is a great way to keep all your salad fixings in one convenient place. Plus, growing your own greens is much healthier than the prepackaged salad mixes at the grocery store. Remember, you are now in control of any chemicals used on your produce! Keeping it all (for the most part) in one bed also makes it easier to harvest your own nutritious salad mix for dinner. Salad veggies, unlike most other vegetables that love the sun, can also be grown together in areas with less sunlight! Just four to six hours a day is enough to grow lettuces, spinach, peas, beets, radishes and other leafy greens. With the exception of tomatoes and peppers, everything for salads is grown in this bed. To increase yields and Continue Reading →

Planning My Square Foot Garden Layout

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… So, I’m planning my Square Foot Garden layout today. With winter storm “Stella” dumping more snow today, planning the vegetable garden gives me hope that Spring is actually coming.  I have made my list of this year’s plants and I know how many of each I will be growing. Next, I will decide what plants go in which bed and lay it out on graph paper using the SFG (Square Foot Garden) method. I have five raised beds, two are 4×8, three are 3×8 and one square keyhole garden that is 8×8.  I also have large plastic storage boxes that I place next to the fence in the dog’s play area. For obvious reasons you can’t plant in the ground where the dog “fertilizes” it. 🙁 A Brief Guideline Continue Reading →