Woodchuck in the Garden…again.

Woodchuck damage in the garden.

Monday afternoon I went out to the garden to get a few good pics before the rain started. The tomatoes and peppers are doing great. The squash and corn I replanted after the woodchuck ate it is up and thriving. The pole beans I replanted…twice…are finally up about 6 inches or so, since adding 1″ opening chicken wire to the existing fence. And then I came to this bed. Yes, I know it looks like something out of a football playbook, but this is showing the latest ransacking done by the demon spawn of the neighborhood woodchuck.

Seriously, yesterday everything was well-sprouted and leafy. Now, the red arrows point to some of the stubs that are all that’s left of most of my Italian green beans. See those two cute little bean plants? Yeah, that’s what they all looked like. The green x’s mark the spots where my cucumber plants had come up. The yellow lines are where the sunflowers were. The only remaining two are circled.

The woodchuck is fond of beans…

In this pic of my San Marzano tomatoes and leeks you can also see the end bed. The Brussels sprouts are in the back, parsley along the front edge, and the yellow wax beans are circled in red. What you can’t see, because I didn’t get a good pic, is that the last eight plants on the front end have had their leaves completely eaten. Oh well, it’s only eight plants out of two full 8 ft. rows of wax beans.

Photo of tomatoes and rows of wax beans.

I went back inside to see if I had any extra seed to replant. Caught up on a few things and went back outside with the seeds, only to find this.

Missing seedlings in garden.Notice anything missing? How about in the bed pictured below? Yep, in less than two hours the demon spawn ate my last two Italian green bean seedlings and devoured two 8 foot rows of yellow wax beans! It obviously doesn’t like the parsley, because it bit off a couple stems and left them laying on the soil…just to mock me.

Wax beans totally gone!

I’m really getting tired of replanting

So, I replanted the Italian beans and the cucumbers. I’m out of mammoth sunflower seeds so I grabbed some black oil sunflower seeds from the bag of birdseed and planted those instead. I’m growing it for the birds anyway. The remaining seedlings and the soil where I replanted got a very heavy dusting of cayenne pepper. It’s not supposed to rain tonight, so the garden should be safe for now. I have no more wax bean seeds and there is nothing left in the stores. I’m hoping that there is enough viable stem at the tops that some plants may leaf out again. Some of the pole beans did.

Tomorrow we will go back to Home Depot and get another 50 feet of chicken wire… and more cayenne powder. Next year, an electric fence…

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